Here I Am At College

Yesterday was a busy day. At seven-thirty my family crowded into the already-packed car and headed off to Toronto to move into the college residence. This is my first year at college, my first time away from home, and my first time living in a city. To be honest I have had one sleepover in my life; this is a new experience. You will be seeing quite a bit of Daniela, my best friend and room mate, because we happened to choose the same college and program. I would be dead if it weren’t for some form of familiarity.

bedroom-college-ikea-zachary-thor 4

To be honest, I don’t like it here. I am away from my family, the comfort of my bedroom, and home cooked meals; no oven makes a very sad Zachary, indeed. The people here aren’t very nice, and everyone here on the floor pressures us into social events we don’t want to attend. They say college is the one place you have to be involved, but why aren’t we given the choice of what we involve ourselves in and with? I don’t really like it at all. And for those who, like me, didn’t think the average college kid only drinks, drugs, and parities? Surprise…out of a room of eighty-six I do believe Daniela and I were the only ones who didn’t. As for the floor manager’s assumption that everyone has taken a drink before? I really don’t fit in here.

My bedding from IKEA is cute though.

Humber-college-building-zachary-thor 3

The one bright part to the past forty-eight hours has been my interview for a marketing and communications assistant position at the Humber L Gallery. Even if I am not chosen, it was very exciting to meet the lovely ladies who work at the gallery and I even got to try the new interactive exhibit! Before my interview we walked around the campus; such pretty buildings!

college-interview-menswear-ootd-zachary-thor 2

My outfit for the interview. A little mix of professional and play with white tailored shorts and a short-sleeved navy blue shirt. A belt from American Apparel and leather driving shoes from ASOS for a little brown that works so well with my MacBook sleeve which I totally used as a document holder.

starbucks-zachary-thor 1

A shaken green iced tea for me, and a cinnamon dolce frappe for Daniela. Starbucks makes it better.


1 thought on “Here I Am At College”

  1. It takes a while to find your feet, from what I remember, but hopefully it’ll get better. I didn’t fit in with college well either, but it ended up being a place I made life-long friends (going on 15 years now!) so you may find it settles into something unexpected. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, it’s no fun being pressured into things you’re not interested in!


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