Nautical At The Waterfront

Just to start things off, I am totally new with this whole WordPress thing and may have written this post at the end of August…and then never published it. So yes, it is about half of the temperature it was when I originally wrote this, but at least we can revel in what was a lovely end to summer. 

While a good majority of our fellow college residence were busy drinking, partying, and proceeding to get high, Daniela and I took a walk to the waterfront. It’s only about a seven minute walk, but we only saw maybe three students from our school there. Too bad for them, because it was absolutely beautiful there.

toronto-waterfront-zachary-thor 2 (1)

We lost track of time and just kept walking. Couples were playing fetch with their dogs, men swimming in the lake, and many just taking in the cool breeze on the thirty-one degree day. So toasty I could feel my skin slowly dying from lack of SPF. Whoopsies.

toronto-waterfront-zachary-thor 3

There were plenty of sailing boats gliding softly over the water. The yacht club was full fancy people who all looked so very cool.

toronto-waterfront-zachary-thor 7

Daniela looked so pretty amongst the stones, grass, and white flowers.

toronto-waterfront-zachary-thor 6

I think we walked forever, but my comfy white Adidas shoes kept me going.

toronto-waterfront-zachary-thor 1

The rest of my outfit was a little relaxed. A tee with a nautical print on the pocket and ends of the sleeves by Brave Soul (available at Asos), white tailored shorts by Asos, and sunglasses by Warby Parker.

toronto-waterfront-zachary-thor 4

The waves were rough, but so calming. As a family we would take trips to Virginia Beach, and so to my mom it was a comfort knowing I would have the water so close to me while so far away from home.


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