GO-ing Home

So many changes in a tiny amount of time; there really needs to be a word for that. On that note, there really needs to be an app that helps one find words that fit a specific definition. Someone get on that!

After moving into the college residence we set out to really get our bearings in this new place. We walked up and down the main street, finding countless independent shops; some of which we will avoid like the plague which undoubtedly lives inside, others we hope to visit again.

One could say the reason of us not spending more time inside was the lack of internet and television. Save for a spotty wifi connection (which I could connect to only by the window while seated on the floor) it is a signal ghost town. The architect who decided cement walls, ceilings, and floors was a smart idea should really be punished. Luckily the Internet installer will (supposedly) pay us a visit on Monday and they will be welcomed with open arms and grateful faces.

To take a break from all of the change, Daniela and I hoped on the streetcar outside the college which took us to a GO station where we (ha) missed the train by literal seconds. Apparently they don’t have a system where the ticket vendor can halt the train for a few seconds while two first-time riders jog up the stairs. Thanks to this we had to wait in the heat for half an hour, then take a train to Union Station where we would wait another twenty minutes because being late for the first meant being late for the second. Awesome.

Trains, however, are a wonderful creation. After getting over the terrifying sounds they make while hurtling down the tracks, I enjoyed the uninterrupted movement. The views of the city, water, and nature were lovely and everything was so quiet. I even read the (biased) views of the Sun newspaper. I do, however, continue to eye up a new iPad to replace my aging iPad 2. Maybe I can swing it as a necessity…

The most exciting part of the trip was seeing my mother and brother waiting for us after leaving the station. This change has been most confusing for our family which is so used to being together, and I am so glad to be back home.

College classes begin on Tuesday, and I hope they are enjoyable and beneficial. In case they aren’t, Daniela bought bacon. There’s always bacon.


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