Tales From The Waterfront

In the absence of something to do, we risk thinking about the larger picture. I think about what I have been doing lately, all of the tiny things I never give thought to, and then the stress comes in. As a society I think we push ourselves to forever be in motion. This way, we don’t actually see every little thing in our lives that we have evolved to be stressed over. Being in college doesn’t exactly lessen any of the stress, and to be honest I would much rather be experiencing life through working. Today, Daniela and I walked to the waterfront again after our financial accounting class (and before my advertising class which takes place at night). It was a lovely break from the day, save for the man with the saggy man boobs and the snake that nearly devoured poor Daniela.

Oh, details are necessary because at some point when she is famous, Daniela’s legion of fans will need some form of childhood stories to tell about her whilst eating Dan-brand popcorn wearing Dan-brand apparel (preferably with her face…very very largely printed on ill-fitted tees). I wanted a closer view of a swan which to my surprise are actually massive in size. I followed Daniela down an over-grown pathway, and when she stepped into the clearing I warned her of the two-foot long black snake she nearly stepped on with her sandals. She proceeded to scream, jump beside me, and clutch my arm while the snake (which she claims she never saw) slithered away into the underbrush.

We then ran up the hill, and back to the comfort that paved and well-beaten trails provide.

An action shot amongst the 'countryside' of Toronto's waterfront.

I suppose we made a tiny exception for these beautiful photographs, and to be honest the fright of a snake attacking us faded away when we saw how wonderful the water was. Tall wild flowers and grasses, tiny birds perched on dense trees, and rocks which seemed to have existed long before the city of Toronto whose skyline stood in the distance.

Rocks, Lake Ontario, and the sky.

It is sad to report that both of our iPhones were acting miserably. The camera would freeze, and all images came out blurry unless we zoomed in first then zoomed out. I won’t even get into how awful the dynamic range was; faces were far too dark, and the rocks in the above photograph are so murky with no spectrum of colour. We are normally big fans of the iPhone 5s camera, but today was awful. The light really wasn’t challenging, and there is no excuse for the perpetual crashing and blurry images. We are both making it a habit to bring our real cameras with us everywhere now.

Taking a break from the go-fast nature of school is always a good idea, and I am so glad there is somewhere out of the way to explore. 


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