ASOS caramel jacket, French Connection grey tee, white Adidas sneakers, black Warby Parker glasses, tan Jack Spade bag.

A Peek At Fall

Finally the temperatures have slid a bit downward, so Daniela and I jumped at the chance to switch-up our wardrobes to something a bit cozier. You can see her decked-out-in-J. Crew outfit on her blog here.

jack-spade-asos-jacket-french-connection-asos-white-shorts-ipad-zachary-thor 2

She went with pants, I went with a jacket which was essential on such a windy day. If you actually believe in the whole no-white-after-Labor-day thing, wow you are missing out. I paired my white tailored shorts by ASOS, a grey tee by French Connection, my favourite new jacket in caramel also by ASOS, black Warby Parker sunglasses, and white Adidas sneakers which were on sale and now my favourite thing to wear.

jack-spade-asos-jacket-french-connection-asos-white-shorts-ipad-zachary-thor 1

Well, other than my Jack Spade bag. It is one from their dipped collection, and it fits everything I need for the day in its sleek frame. The canvas is ultra durable, so I never feel badly about leaving it on the floor when I’m in class. As it is neutral it pairs nicely with everything in my wardrobe.

Enjoy the start of Autumn!


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