College Kid

Autumn is the best season. In the heat you lose your comfort, and in the cold you bundle under countless layers in warmth but not in style. Autumn is the middle. Daniela and I went for a walk, this time on the far side of the campus where we hadn’t been before. We are getting even braver when it comes to our outfit photography: we have finally managed to take a photograph while people walked by. Perhaps college itself has thus far taught us little, but from our excursions we have learned plenty.

college-kid-outfit-streetwear-zachary-thor 2

This sweater from H&M was an odd choice; I rarely shop there anymore. The prices are far too high for the quality, the designs are tired, and the sizing is always weird. This cotton sweater, however, is a light-warmth piece and was only $9.95. The arms are a little larger than what I normally aim for in fit, but I think it works with the relaxed nature. I paired this black streetwear-esque sweater with green skinny chinos from River Island and a pair of black plimsolls my brother gifted me from ASOS. My inner Anna Winter slipped on sunglasses, which are Warby Parker. Life is never too dark for sunglasses.

college-kid-outfit-streetwear-zachary-thor 3

The architecture of our campus is beautiful. This particular building is said to be haunted, and while we aren’t quite brave enough to step closer to it, there is definitely an eerie aura which most certainly fits with our autumn weather.

Photography by Daniela


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