An Autumn Day Calls For A Sweater

There is nothing more amusing than Daniela and I when we find something pretty. After relaxing in Starbucks (their three bonus star promotion when purchasing a Salted Caramel Mocha Latte drew me in, and now I have officially found a warm drink that I like…which could be problematic) we took a walk towards the waterfront, this time way down to a more suburban area. Normally we walk by the yacht club, but we thought we would try a different locale. A paved walkway winds its way through the trees, the water on your left is incredibly close to the path. Then, we saw it; a beach. Now you can imagine this any way you’d like, but the two-person stampede of Daniela and I, Starbucks in hand and iPhones outstretched, must have been either adorable or unsightly.

Autumn day at the water. Wide landscape of the Toronto water, with rocks and ducks in view. / Zachary Thor / Processed with VSCOcam with n1 preset

But my, just look at it. Tens of ducks bobbing and gliding over the water which, despite the blustering autumn wind was quite warm. Geese came quite close to us, their feathers visibly wet.

autumn-day-at-the-water-toronto-city-vintage-outfit-menswear-zachary-thor 2

Daniela and I just so happened to be wearing similar outfits. So similar, in fact, that while we were waiting for our drinks at Starbucks, the girl beside us whispered to her friend: “Awe look, his boyfriend’s outfit matches her sweater and pants.” We turned our heads and giggled in silence.

autumn-day-at-the-water-toronto-city-vintage-outfit-menswear-zachary-thor 1

Unfortunately we don’t have a third friend to take a photograph of the two of us, but you can see her outfit on her blog, here.

My outfit included a warm wool sweater in light brown with dark brown elbow patches by H&M, my dark green River Island chinos, and caramel-tobacco leather driving shoes from ASOS.

autumn-day-at-the-water-toronto-city-vintage-outfit-menswear-zachary-thor 3

I am so glad we found this beautiful nook of Toronto.

Photography by Daniela, edited with VSCO Cam. 


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