How To Be Good Alone

I have never been one to crave the company of others. No, I am a joy to be around, but I have never actively sought out people to fill the perpetual void humans seem to carry. It seems we as a species need each other in deep psychological ways, but I have learned within the few years I have lived that eventually the people you hold close to you will disappoint you, and there is no worser feeling than being disappointed.

Despite my constant fear of others disappointing me, I have many friends and a loving family and I enjoy my time with them more than the time spent without. There are times, especially in college, when I am truly alone. When that happens I shut myself out and down. I won’t leave the room for food, to go for a walk, or anything short of a fire alarm (which to be honest, is still a debatable point). But this time, alone again, I thought to myself a revolutionary thought. Be nice to yourself.

In the spirit of being nice to myself, I thought blogging about it would cement the idea even more and perhaps supply a little inspiration for your own life. Here’s a little list of things that I find make my time alone wonderful.

  1. Treat yourself to a fancy breakfast. It always makes me smile to start the day off with care.
  2. Find a podcast that makes you think. I have always been into podcasts, and recently I have been enjoying Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge’s After The Jump. The interview with Paul Lowe of Sweet Paul was insightful.
  3. Take a walk.
  4. Snap a few photographs. I went all-out styling my iPhone Sucks post one morning, just because why not?
  5. Jam out. No I don’t mean sit quietly in the corner with headphones in listening to music. Turn up those speakers and get moving! Cheek to Cheek is such a cozy, jazzy album for autumn. Bang Bang is my favourite song on the album, the power in her voice is palpable.
  6. Write a list.
  7. Pop over to a café. A social setting is always cosier, and getting there takes walking…so that’s basically two items off the list in one. Take photographs on the way and you have a trifecta of efficiency. You’re welcome.
  8. Shop online. Be careful though, I’ve already managed to buy a sweater and a pair of chinos and it was barely nine o’clock. But I think I am worth the $70.
  9. Dress up. Today I put on my favourite pair of underwear, and I instantly felt better about life.
  10. Smile. You might be the only one to see it, but who else is as important?

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