Thanksgiving Calls For Apple Pie

Food photography and styling isn’t something I am used to, but when mother said she was going to experiment with making an apple pie from scratch this Thanksgiving, I thought I should be brave enough to try my hand at the trendy art.

Thanksgiving in Canada, and I suppose abroad, is an incredibly important holiday. In my family, it sits right up there with Christmas, and though we do not regard it from a religious view, we see it as a day where we should give credit to the beautiful things we have in our lives.


My nana was queen of pies, and my mother can bake a flawless lemon meringue but has never tried her hand at apple. This recipe was from her favourite cookbook which I cannot seem to find anywhere, From The Oven to the Table, which we picked up on sale at Chapters a few months ago. Tossing the apples in all of the flavours of the season was an easy affair, but coming up with the right amount of apples was not. I think we prepared an extra pound and a half of McIntosh apples than necessary. Luckily they tasted delicious on their own, so my father and I snatched a few from the mixing bowl.

In the background are two French vanilla cakes which she also whipped up. My job on the icing was a moderate disaster, so you won’t be finding any photographs of the finished product here.

Processed with VSCOcam with p7 preset

The texture of the pie crust was wonderfully flaky, and we enjoyed a slice that evening after turkey, steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes, stuffing, warm crescents, and dinner rolls.

Processed with VSCOcam with m4 preset

A little arrangement on the sideboard was necessary. Stacked atop of books with their spines faced inward was the pie in its glass dessert stand. A glass pumpkin I picked up for my mother at HomeSense flanked the left, an antique brown jug from my papa’s house made up the the back with a few barren twigs.

Holidays are the time for good food, but autumn is also a time for trying new things and a new beginning. I like to think my attempt at food photography went okay, and in the spirit of the season I am thankful to be fortunate enough to try it at all.


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