Sporting Stripes

This is going to be a rapid-fire post because so much has happened this week!

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First off, I am in love with this green textured stripe-sleeved jumper from River Island. It’s out of stock now (whoopsies) but it caught my eye when I was scrolling through the sale section. It looks a little vintage, a little rugby, and it is so comfortable. I also picked up these dark red skinny stretch chinos, also from River Island. They are the only pant style I will buy now; they fit, they’re stretchy, and they look so clean.

Speaking of being in love, my girl Marina and The Diamonds released FROOT and you can be sure it’s on repeat. It’s a little dark, a little retro, and oh-so-sultry.

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Next up, midterms are almost over! It was shocking to realize that what I thought would be the quickest exam was the most lengthy and challenging. It involved describing the creative choices made in the design of a few advertisements, and coming up with ten strong points per ad was very difficult. In my opinion, so much thought goes into advertisements that the end product should look like it has always existed. It should look like the idea just came to the design team, not that they had to look hard to find it and that makes describing anything creative very difficult.

As for the other midterms, I think I did okay. Multiple choice tests are always a treat.

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If anyone knows me, they’ll say I have this weird obsession with skincare. I’ve even dabbled in blogging about it, but now I leave that to the experts (like Kate of ghostparties who I adore). For months I used a benzoyl peroxide cleanser in the evening to keep my acne under control, and after a bit sprouted up on my shoulders I applied the cleanser there too. Wow was that an eye opener. My shoulders broke out in this painless but spotty rash for a few days, and while it didn’t hurt it really brought home the question: what is this doing to my face?!

I searched the internet high and low for alternatives, and there are now so many ‘natural’ products. The problem is so many of them have added fragrance, which is awful for sensitive skin, and fruit acids which can be bothersome. Instead I popped over to Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall for a little love. There I was recommended Avène Clean-AC Hydrating Cream as a moisturizer and NeoStrata Toning Solution Level 1 for a toner. I have only used them both twice, but so far so good on the is-my-face-burning-yet front. Avène is a family favourite for gentle skin care (my mother would keep a bottle of thermal water spray in her purse at all times) and NeoStrata is renowned for their glycolic acid formula. I have hope!

I am also trying to only drink lemon water in hopes of improving my skin’s hydration and it helps to filter out toxins from the body. Plus it tastes lovely with any meal (and it’s cheap, oh the benefits of cheap).

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Finally, developments on the phone front. While at home for the Thanksgiving weekend my mom treated me to a whirlwind of electronic stores so I could test out all of the latest devices. I must say, Android phones have come leaps-and-bounds over the years. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is a strong device, but the screen was lacking in clarity. The Note 4 has yet to make its way to Canada, but the camera has been noted as far better than the iPhone 6. I will keep my eyes peeled.

As for yesterday’s announcement of the Nexus 6: yawn. The device is a ridiculous $749 in Canada, plus taxes! Let us not forget the back plate is hideous with its ostentatious branding, and it doesn’t even come in black but instead an odd blue colour. The Nexus 9 tablet is far more appealing, and with the new Android Lollipop everything looks positively gorgeous. I hope to try the Sony Z3 some time soon, and the Note 4, as those seem to be the only viable options. If you have any thoughts, do comment!

I told you this would be a rapid-fire post.

Photography by Daniela, images edited with VSCO Film


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