Scandinavian Lakeside And My Travel Destination Wishlist

Can you tell how digitally processed this poor image is? No, you can’t see that I accidentally took this image as a square crop instead of a standard ratio (on my iPhone to boot) and had to use Photoshop to digitally add back the sky. It is practically the antithesis of what simple, natural Scandinavian style stands for, and I feel quite dirty as a Scandinavian (well Icelandic, so Nordic, but those terms are so diluted in this age) myself for posting it. But just look at the beautiful terrain. I am constantly shocked by the beauty of the Canadian landscape.

My family was always one to travel. When I was younger, my parents took us everywhere they could. As my father was an entrepreneur, he could afford to take weeks off whenever we wanted to be somewhere else. I think the largest mistake so many make is they travel across the globe to exotic locations, but ignore the ones sometimes a few hours drive from where they live. We visited cities across Ontario, and down as far as Virginia on longer excursions. Some of my favourite cities in Ontario to explore are St. Jacobs for its old-world simplicity, Niagara Falls for the luscious gardens and butterfly conservatory, Kingston and Ottawa for their history, and Sudbury for the Science North mines.

I wouldn’t call myself lustful traveler, but I always feel better surrounded by a beautiful landscape. My list is ever changing, and if you have any suggestions, do comment.

Iceland. The history of my paternal family comes from this country of immense beauty. As a child we were constantly fed information of it, and my more distant family has visited, but not I.

Newfoundland and Labrador. The maritimes in general remind me so much of what Iceland must look like. Canada truly does seem like a collection of the most beautiful pieces of the world.

France. Not the usual ‘tourist experience’, I have never been one for that, but a true taste of what lies in the far corners of this storied country. I want to see vineyards, the Musée d’Orsay, old architecture, and worn shops. A stay at La Maison in Champs-Élysées would also satiate an itch of mine, and I suppose a little stop through the shops of the big cities would be acceptable.

SeoulI am always fascinated by the sheer speed Asian countries seem to move at. Seoul, Korea seems at a crossroad between overarching metropolis and comfortable, not to mention the design expertise at work would be interesting. I suppose Andrew Kim’s travel photographs have tempted me, too.

Washington, DC. Well technically I have already been to Washington, but there was so much on my list I didn’t get to see! Family trips are about balance, so not everyone leaves fulfilled. The Glenstone Museum is on my list, as are the rest of the Smithsonian museums I did not have the chance to explore.

Los Angeles, California. Mostly for the Griffith Observatory, but also to experience what everyone calls ‘relaxation’.

Scandinavia. All of it. The Guardian has an excellent list, albeit outdated, on the finest places to peek at when travelling the countries of Scandinavia.


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