Downtown Market

Growing up in a small town meant that my family generally avoided the downtown like the general public fears the “Anaconda” music video. It simply wasn’t worth your time.

The downtown, in theory, should be the heart of any community. In many small towns, that simply isn’t the case. The grocery and drug stores offer nothing special and hold extravagant prices for everything. I am not a fan of big-box stores like Walmart –on the principle that they fuel consumer spending by offering cheap garbage that most of society doesn’t understand as dangerous to the environment and economics of the world– but they offer far more value per customer dollar than a chain or independent grocer in a small town can.

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As a college student, I don’t live in a small town anymore, but a more suburban area of Toronto. Here the downtown is fascinating. Never busy, always bustling, there are many shops which are unique. This grocer is our favourite when we need to pick up fresh produce. Not only are the prices fair, but the food is good and the atmosphere is relaxing. It reminds me so much of Marina and The Diamonds’ “Radioactive” music video; dim fluorescent lights, all colours seem to fade, and everything is unintentionally 1900s.

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Film grain and VSCO filters are the most wonderful creations in tech history. My iPhone? Not so much. I am very excited for the Nexus 6 to be released sometime soon. My mom just upgraded to the Nexus 5 and though she has absolutely no idea how to use it yet, we as a family are looking forward to the recent developments at Google.

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Cans of soup, individually labeled. Labelling the shelves themselves, like big-box stores do, leads to guest confusion when items are not stacked in the right place.

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The dreary day, grey skies and light drizzle, created a fantastic pathetic fallacy for the shop.


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