Signs Of Winter

Winter is on its way. There is the brisk wind which has already turned my hands red, and the late morning light and early evening darkness which seem to have fun messing up my ability to sleep. The stores are all decked out in Christmas garb: artificial Christmas trees with lights, gift ideas stacked on long tables. My mother has even asked me to start at my wish list, which is currently composed of cookbooks, novels, and fashion tomes: the necessities, really, because at least they last forever. Starbucks has been swathed in red, jazzy music mingling with the low whirr of coffee machines, and the Chestnut Praline Latte has arrived (and is a must-try, trust me). I find it humorous that the first day of winter really isn’t until December 21. It seems that the transition has already begun.

sings-of-winter-scandinavian-outfit-menswear-asos-coat-fashion-zachary-thor 2

As with the weather, so too to fashion. That phrase seems a little overdone, but I blame my early morning bout of reading. By the lake is one of the most wonderful places to be during the cooler months. The natural elements, which all seem so rough and historic, remind me of a cabin in the woods, of simpler times long ago where we worked off of the land and winter meant preparation and time for family. The working aspect seems horrid, but there is something to be said for the coziness the cold months seem to invoke.

sings-of-winter-scandinavian-outfit-menswear-asos-coat-fashion-zachary-thor 3

Daniela, who photographed these images, told me I look very priest-on-his-way-to-a-burial in this image. I did not disagree.

sings-of-winter-scandinavian-outfit-menswear-asos-coat-fashion-zachary-thor 4

Scattered about Toronto parks are wooden birdhouses.

sings-of-winter-scandinavian-outfit-menswear-asos-coat-fashion-zachary-thor 5

The terrain felt so worn and welcoming. Tiny burrs attached themselves to my pants, but I didn’t mind.

sings-of-winter-scandinavian-outfit-menswear-asos-coat-fashion-zachary-thor 6

The white collar of an ASOS shirt poked from behind an ASOS brown merino wool sweater. A black mac coat, also from ASOS, shielded me from the wind coasting up from Lake Ontario. Chinos by River Island in a red wine colour and my white Adidas sneakers rounded the bottom off. Oh, and warm wool workers socks which you can buy anywhere. These are my favourite invention. They are so durable, warm, and resistant to water and sweat. I must have a dozen pairs, and I even wear them around the house instead of slippers.

sings-of-winter-scandinavian-outfit-menswear-asos-coat-fashion-zachary-thor 7

I have been thrown odd looks as to why I am always wearing sunglasses. The polarized lenses give everything a more contrasted, desaturated appearance which I find brings out the beauty in the overlooked.

sings-of-winter-scandinavian-outfit-menswear-asos-coat-fashion-zachary-thor 8

Last week was Fashion Blows and a weekend at home. This week I haven’t anything planned but shopping for groceries and trying to avoid the delicious pull of another Chestnut Praline Latte. Winter may not be here yet, but its way of slowing life down seems to have already arrived.

Photography by Daniela, images edited with VSCO Film


2 thoughts on “Signs Of Winter”

  1. gorgeous pictures and look. i love how it’s slightly priestly but still modern at the same time – if you know what i mean <3

    Liked by 1 person

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