Zachary Thor in a glass reflection at a train station wearing sunglasses, a navy blazer, and a black tee.

Marina’s Froot, Lorde, and Taylor

Photograph: At the GO station, on my way to the Fashion Blows exhibit. 

The music industry seems to have no idea what it’s doing lately, and it seems artists are wandering between genres in search of something we won’t know of until they find it. Marina and The Diamonds, one of my favourite artists, has today released the music video for Froot, a disco-video-game-sultry-dark musical wonder-piece and it is just as gorgeous as the song itself. Not to mention this morning I was greeted by the option to preorder FROOT, the album. Awesome day? Of course. Now I may be biased towards Marina, but there are so many songs out recently that are totally worth your time.

Froot by Marina and The Diamonds (and watch the video and preorder the album)

Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde

I Know Places, New Romantics, and Wonderland by Taylor Swift

Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) and Anything Goes by Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett

Cellophane by Sia


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