Last Glimpse Of Fall

It feels as if 2014 has already passed us by. Now of course that isn’t true, there’s still Christmas. Really beyond that, what is the point of the rest of the year?

last-glimpse-autumn-outfit-menswear-topman-coat-zachary-thor 2

Already we have seen days hovering around the dreaded ‘zero’ and the wind on the day we took these photographs was hilariously unbearable. So dreadful it was that Daniela and I were convinced the photographs we had taken were too awful to use, so we wore the exact same outfit (save for undergarments…at least I know I didn’t repurpose mine from the day prior…Daniela, who knows) the next day for more pictures. As you can imagine, somebody with powers greater than mine had other plans and by the time we had gotten to the original location I was feeling sick and we had to turn back. Looking back at the original photographs back in bed, they were looking quite awesome.

last-glimpse-autumn-outfit-menswear-topman-coat-zachary-thor 3

I finally bit the bullet and installed VSCO Film on my MacBook. Using it with Adobe Camera Raw, the results are wonderful save for the clunky process of exporting and importing photographs back into Aperture (which you will have to pry from my dead hands, Apple).

We also wanted to experiment with a new (to me) app for iPhone, ProCam 2. It has a unique feature where instead of saving photographs as low-quality lossy JPEGs as typical with iPhone, ProCam 2 can record in no-compression TIFF. The difference was remarkable. If you zoom in on a regular iPhone photograph, you’ll notice it looks like watercolour painting. The TIFF version was quite clear and detailed, and instantly makes a photograph far more keep-worthy. Sadly, no app can fix how mediocre iPhone cameras are, so I still won’t be leaving my camera at home any time soon.

last-glimpse-autumn-outfit-menswear-topman-coat-zachary-thor 4

I patiently await the day when a smart phone can match the quality of a real camera. Each year, pulling a Christmas list that isn’t ninety-one books long (an accurate figure, no lies) out of me is the fruitless endeavour my mother chooses to spend December on. There was hope that I would ask for a new phone, but after trying them all I have decided that won’t be happening. Look around you; there is so much beauty in nature but very little in product design. Where are the beautiful smart phones? My fellow techies, indulge my fantasy. A metal Microsoft Lumia device with one of those sexy PureView cameras, a six-inch display and Lord can someone at VSCO please get the ball rolling for a VSCO Cam app when we receive Windows 10? My dreams aren’t too far out of reality (VSCO for Windows 10 is such a moonshot). I love this notion of our society heading back to principles which governed the dawn of civilization: action out of necessity. We didn’t have to retake these photographs, I don’t need much for Christmas, and smart phones don’t need to be good at everything, have curved displays on both sides (Samsung if you do this with the S6 I will hunt you down and…), or replace our laptops. Everything in our lives should have a clear purpose.

Photography by Daniela, images edited with VSCO Film


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