Nothing’s More British Than Khakis And Rain

It was winter last week, I swear to you. Just as we were slowly coming around to the idea of snow once again, Mother Nature pulled off a grand heist and took it all away. Yesterday was in the double digits, and as I exclaimed to Daniela, there wasn’t even a negative sign in-front of that. Today will be much the same, and my gosh I don’t trust it.

british-khakis-asos-aldo-desert-boots-brown-menswear-zachary-thor 6

We used the day to our advantage. Despite our somewhat compromised immune systems, we popped downtown for a little escape before winter comes again. The first stop was Shoppers Drug Mart for a bit of beauty-product hunting. I love them all, but hate them all at the very same time. I tried Marcelle’s new Ideal Skin Perfector, which gives your skin a matte look while with continued use promises to help the general appearance of your skin. Marcelle had a buy-one-get-one sale on their website, and for some reason I didn’t hit that checkout button. I hate spending money on skincare when I only see a difference for a few weeks.


Diet and lifestyle are incredibly important to the health and appearance of your skin, so I have been trying to reign in my sugar and dairy intake which does seem to help. Sadly…Starbucks exists and I cannot resist a tall peppermint mocha frappe. Luckily the barista accidentally made it iced, which meant the lovely lady at the till made me a venti…and let me keep the iced peppermint mocha. Maybe I’ll go back to Shoppers sometime this week.

british-khakis-asos-aldo-desert-boots-brown-menswear-zachary-thor 2

After Starbucks was the grocery store, because we have this awful habit of having next-to-nothing in the refrigerator. Meal cards are an unfortunate benefit to college life.

british-khakis-asos-aldo-desert-boots-brown-menswear-zachary-thor 3

This weather is also perfect of a black mac trench from ASOS and brown desert boots from Aldo. Sand-coloured chinos from ASOS (which really aren’t chinos, but more of a…cotton material? I just don’t buy they’re chinos) are also a necessity, because what looks more prim and proper than sand-coloured bottoms?

british-khakis-asos-aldo-desert-boots-brown-menswear-zachary-thor 4

All of the leaves were tossed in the gutter already, and it was a very cozy yet sad sight to see. Fall is so beautiful, and even the most common-in-appearance homes looked wonderful in the drizzly-grey weather. I really should go back to all of the assignments due this week, but I think I’ll just sneak into the nicely stocked refrigerator instead. No sugar, I promise.

Photographs of me by Daniela, images edited with VSCO Film


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