Restless Silence Of Winter


Less than a week of college and we have already managed to escape nature’s nip of frostbite. While the weather is cold, the air is still and that makes venturing outdoors less than contemptible (but not by much). The sail boats have long since left, in their place milky ice rests on cold water. I wore blue yesterday, blue with white, like the water and the ice.


While we turned Daniela’s post warm, I embraced the opposite. It is always fascinating how we can take photographs in the same area and yet they come out so different.

restless-silence-of-winter-toronto-white-menswear-outfit-zachary-thor-2The water resembled an artistic rendition of a petri dish of bacteria, each with jagged edges. As the water flowed ice rubbed against ice, and the sound was very quiet and very alien.


The jacket was a Christmas present from my parents, and I have been wanting a blue Harrington jacket for a long time. This one is by ASOS. Light tan pants by ASOS as well, the white tee by Topman, and my favourite sunglasses by Warby Parker.


Just as I began to think I would never have the opportunity to wear my white Adidas shoes for a while, there they were on my feet again.


Last night Daniela and I watched Gone Girl. A beautiful, trying, twisted film which is worth a viewing. I always enjoy a character with drive with a touch of insanity, cold to humanity.


Photographs of me by Daniela, others by me, images edited with VSCO Film


3 thoughts on “Restless Silence Of Winter”

  1. amazing pictures and look! the ice water really does look like a petri dish of bacteria. it must be so cold!!
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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