Phoney Preppy Pose

There is one rule on the Internet: What you write is forever. It feels odd to do this, but this entire post has been rewritten since being published. In twenty-four hours I have launched a (hastily) redesigned version of Zachary Thor, fell out of love with it, and then reverted everything back to its original state. The new design was gorgeous, and I adore Elmastudio, but with it I lost the one characteristic of myself I cherish; authenticity.


There is not a thing I don’t have an opinion on, and certainly no topic is ever off the table. I am respectful in articulation, and I love someone with a voice, but if you hand me two options I’m going to pick one and there’s a slim chance my pick isn’t the best. My brashness is one of few characteristics I love about myself, and it’s part of the authentic ‘me’. That new design threw all of that away, leaving a beautiful but unfocused portrait of who I am. In the post I said a new design, and the new post topics that would have come with it (which now reside in the trash, sigh) were a wonderful way to start the new year but oh how I was wrong. The best way to live is to be yourself, and I was reminded of that by visiting Mimi Thorisson’s Manger. The design isn’t anything fancy, but that’s the point; it’s Mimi and her family, the honest in-the-moment photography and the old-world food you visit for, not the website itself.


While I am looking for a bit of freshness around here, I’m not going to do it at the expense of my principles and I will certainly not do it at the expense of authenticity.


What was supposed to be a celebration of newness outfit is now a celebration of me outfit. This luxurious merino wool sweater in tan-camel from ASOS. Camel is one of my favourite colours and I appreciate the quality of these merino wool sweaters from ASOS so much this is my second of the style! All I need is a navy one…and a black one…hmm…


Shopping online probably isn’t a smart financial decision for me right now, seeing as I am now sporting this swanky iPhone 6 in slate grey. Yes, I am a hypocrite having just purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but the device could never keep up with my day. The iPhone 6 is a lovely device, very staid and true to the iPhone mentality of working.


It was an all-ASOS kind of day. A white collared shirt, grey skinny sweatpants, and a black Mac coat rounded out the rest of my outfit. I love ASOS.


Lately I have been feeling mostly awesome; exercising more with Daniela (it’s a beautiful thing to witness), being somewhat interested in my college classes, and glaring at a tech device all day long less and less. It’s beginning to look like a lovely year, 2015.

Photographs of me by Daniela, others by me, images edited with VSCO Film


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