A Simple Yellow Cake

My mum holds a firm seat on the box-cake issue. Prefaced by the knowledge that this is a woman that bakes just about everything from scratch, one may begin to see my confusion in the matter when she preaches the quickest, most effective cake comes from a box. My attempts to convert her to the ‘cake from scratch’ clan have been arduous and fruitless. I thought I would have won her over with my flourless chocolate cake with Nana’s coffee frosting for her birthday, but no. A light peppermint cake for Christmas was also met with pleasure and delight, but no sooner had it disappeared had mum reverted to baking brownies from scratch and cake from a box. 

This past Easter weekend I spent time at home, and it is never a week at home without something being baked. Mum asked me to choose a recipe for Good Friday dessert, after the roasted turkey, stuffing, vegetables, dinner rolls, soft mashed potatoes and mandatory baked crescent rolls. After sifting through my eight hundred recipes on Pinterest—since categorized by sweet, baked and ‘as a meal‘—I chose A Daily Something’s Simple Yellow Cake recipe. 


It was up for debate whether a simple yellow cake or a vanilla bean cake would make a perfect pairing for Easter dessert, but I am so glad we chose the prior. The cake is a very light flavour, but my favourite quality is the texture. Boxed cakes always have a wet spongey texture to them, but this recipe results in a light middle with a crisp crust. 

A quick cake with an authentic flavour, I do think I have convinced mum to make this simple yellow cake a permanent recipe in her collection. I know this will find its way into mine as soon as I find a good notebook. Suggestions?



[yumprint-recipe id=’1′]


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