Nadège Patisserie

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Never have I ever visited a cafe in Europe, but I would imagine it would be just like this. The long line at the counter, everyone inching closer to the glass and staring at terrific colours and fantastical names. There was a bustle in the air, people sitting down for five minutes to enjoy their latte and macarons served on a white plate, then hustling off to somewhere else down Queen Street.

We took a long while to order, then we sat for a longer while. I enjoyed a Marie Antoinette, which was vanilla panna cotta swirled in a maple syrup mousse. Six macaron biscuits, unfilled with cream, radiated from the centre and looked like tiny guards. The individual size I had was $7. The macarons were a firm softness, very wonderful, and the mousse just a tad bit richer by the addition of clear maple syrup. I had water with mine—free, a nice touch—and Daniela had a latte which she could only describe as ‘perfect’.

While everyone was very pleasant, we waited a little bit longer than I found acceptable for service to our table. The water glasses are also very tiny, so waiting for another was a tad bit annoying. The bathrooms were also a disaster, something I heard from murmurs at the table next to me. I can absolutely testify to the notion, though I expect these shortcomings come when you are a must-expeience for so many people. Nadège Patisserie certainly is.

Price: $
Score: 3/4
Go for the: Macarons.
Stay for the: Creamy latte.


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