Old Faithful Shop

old-faithful-shop-toronto-zachary-thor old-faithful-shop-toronto-zachary-thor-00002

Perhaps my new favourite shop, Old Faithful Shop prides themselves in sourcing well-crafted products to be handed down for generations. A tall order, but I have no doubt in that being true. I am chomping at the bit to shop here for my future kitchen. From waste bins to rolling pins, jars to wooden spoons and copper cloths I could have spent a very large sum of money here and still wanted more. The staff were pleasant, they accepted American Express, and from the black-and-white tile flooring at the back to the warm lighting it was a wonderful experience. A must-see on your trip to Toronto. Their selection of independent magazines—Inventory, Cereal, Kinfolk, Darling Magazine, Smith Journal, Nourished—was fantastically paired with books scattered across the shop. I picked up a copy of Cereal 09.

Price: $$
Score: 4/4
Go for the: Kitchen essentials, independent magazines.
Stay for the: Short Stack Editions recipe books.


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