Skincare Essentials

Skincare Essentials

I have zero patience for skincare and beauty products with nasty ingredients or obnoxious pricing. We should treat our skin with care, nourishing it rather than punishing it with chemicals and rough exfoliants. My skin is a little problematic, with frequent bouts of acne. The most important thing I have learned from years of trying new products is that most acne products do far more damage than good, and that the results are always better when you choose a product that soothes, calms and nourishes your skin. My skin has never looked better than with this regimen of mostly natural products.

My morning routine starts with Fresh Soy Face Cleanser ($45). Formulated for all skin types, it gently cleanses the face and eye area. Soy supports your skin’s ability to hold moisture, the most important factor in skin health, while rosewater balances. I have combination skin, and after years of religiously moisturizing after every wash I no longer follow my morning cleanse with anything. This cleanser is just that awesome.

If I am going out somewhere semi-important I apply a very thin layer of Sephora 10HR Wear Perfection Foundation ($25) over my skin. While I am sure you can get complete coverage with this product, I just use it to even out my skin tone for the day.

In the evening I start with the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser again, this time following it up with Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil ($22). This little gem is my latest obsession. Having tried countless moisturizers and always finding them to either be too expensive, bothersome to my acne, having an odd texture, leaving my skin oily mid-day or dehydrating I braved trying an oil. It is formulated with a blend of pure seaberry, cranberry seed, camellia seed, grapeseed, and sweet almond oils which nourish the skin. I have noticed my skin’s texture to be more even, inflammation calmed, and evenly moisturized.

Twice a week I squeeze the Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Treatment Bar ($46) into my evening regimen, in-between cleansing and the oil. This is another one of my favourites; it purifies the skin, treating blemishes by soothing inflammation and absorbing oils. The clay balances the skin, neutralizing acidity so as to bringing your skin’s acid barrier back into balance. There is only one ingredient in this bar, far less than any other mask, and a brick should last a year! All I do is wet my hand a bit, rub it against the bar, and then apply to my face (or any other region if you have issues elsewhere). Ten minutes later and my blemishes are calm. A miracle.

Sometimes after applying the bar to my skin my hands feel a bit dry, so I apply Burt’s Bees Milk & Honey Body Lotion ($13). It smells like sweet honey and could there be anything better than that? I really need to find the full-size version of this.

During my last trip to Sephora I picked up the deluxe sample of the Fresh Rose Face Mask ($72). I have applied it once, after using the Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Treatment Bar, and while the texture and scent are luxurious I am not quite sure the full price warrants a purchase. My skin felt calmed and oh-so-smooth, but $72 is a little pricey in my books. Maybe after a few more treatments will change my mind, but for the sake of my finances I hope not.

I see such a dramatic, immediate difference in the appearance and health of my skin when I use natural, balancing products. While the cost is sometimes more, it is far better to spend money on good products than wasting less money on products which irritate your skin.


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