Inspiration No.2

Big coffee table books, no matter the subject, are always packed to the brim with inspiration. I have several, but I have limited myself until I have a coffee table to call my own. (No, I am being serious). I stumbled upon Kitchen Kulture in Chapters last week and by flipping through it I found a great number of kitchens which I would much adore cooking in. Coffee table books, coffee tables, and now I want a kitchen? Perhaps I should stop there before I run out of imaginary funds.

Photographs, from top.

Shot posted on Instagram at Town Hall Hotel in London by Hal Ellis Davis.

Hardcover book, Inferno: Alexander McQueen by Melanie Rickey, featuring snapshots of Alexander McQueen’s Dante show. Photograph by Urban Outfitters, book available at Book Depository and Amazon as well.

Photograph of Scotland by photographer Nicole Franzen.

Kitchen Kulture: Interiors for Cooking by Gestalten is a collection of kitchens ranging from Nordic to English traditional and off to futuristic. Available at Book Depository and Amazon.

Austin Rhodes riding a bicycle in the French Quarter, posted on Instagram.


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