Autumn Fashion and Beauty Haul

It has been a sad, frustrating journey for me with blogs. I think the longest I have had one has been a full year, but then either one of two things happen: My aesthetic changes and I suddenly hate all of my posts, or I suddenly become far too cheap to pay for another year of hosting. To be honest it’s mostly the latter. So, here I am on Blogger again with a wonderful theme I purchased a while ago (so now it’s vintage) from Blog Milk. I have no master plan for this blog, because in my honest opinion I think blogging is already in its demise, I just want a spot to share what I am creating.

I filmed an autumn haul video today, filled with a few too many things I have purchased for my wardrobe and skincare/beauty routine. You can find the details of what I mentioned in the YouTube video’s description. Needless to say, the next ‘haul’ video I will be doing won’t be until after Christmas. Now all I have to do is think up of what to create next…


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