Brunch in the Snow

I cannot believe it is snowing already. I mean, one look at the calendar says otherwise, but I feel like we never saw our fair share of autumn. So when Daniela and I brunched in Luna Cafe (just a few blocks from the Queen Street district) and saw snow falling from the sky we were a little shocked. Pretty, yes, but it all feels too soon.

Left, poached eggs and smoked trout on arugula with dill hollandaise for me. Right, poached eggs and wild mushrooms on arugula with dill hollandaise for Daniela. Both with lattes.

The interior of Luna Cafe was very quaint, though crowded. The service was a tad…off-putting. It was obvious the staff was capable of politeness, as evident by them treating just about everyone except us with hospitality. Oh and walking a metre to set a plate of food down and ask if you want salt and pepper is never worthy of a tip. The dirty looks at the register were unwarranted and immature. Also of note they do not accept credit cards, which is such a backward and frustrating experience far too often replicated by small businesses.

After brunch we made our way to Old Faithful Shop so I could pick up a few Mast Brothers chocolate bars as Christmas gifts. Now that is a small business. If you are ever in need of a wonderful home-y gift, absolutely make a stop at Old Faithful Shop in Toronto or shop their online store.

We walked along Queen Street towards Hudson’s Bay, stopping at Joe Fresh where I picked up a running jacket and the most awesome black technical material slim joggers. Both women’s sizes because Joe Fresh’s men’s clothing runs rather boxy.

We couldn’t resist a stop by the financial district for a few photographs. Oh to have a job…

Wearing: Black wool overcoat by H&M, black scarf by H&M, light grey merino wool sweater by ASOS, white shirt by ASOS, black skinny cotton joggers by ASOS, black shoes by Fred Perry.

After a very frustrating experience in Hudson’s Bay we walked to Brown’s in the Eaton Center so I could pick out a pair of Hunter Boots. I chose the Hunter Boots Original Chelsea Boots in black. I bought the women’s size because they were cheaper and fit the same, so I just sized one up and saved $15. All I need is a raincoat and I will be totally ready for rain. In the meantime, snow? I am ready


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