A Few Christmas Things

Christmas is about a week away, and that means the baking is soon to begin and the last-minute shopping is being squeezed into our schedules. This dark grey GÄSPA cotton sateen duvet cover from IKEA was an early Christmas gift from my parents, and I must say it satisfies my lust for a dark, masculine bedroom quite nicely.

I purchased a few chocolate bars from Mast Brothers for my family but after reading this article on Quartz, I am a little worried about the flavours. I have sent an email to their customer relations team, but I have little hope in them replying. Needless to say, I cannot recommend Mast Brothers at the moment.

While I strongly oppose Lush products for the face, their body care products are likely a fine choice for most people. I picked up the Happy Hippy shower gel and the Sea Vegetable soap for my mother. Yes, they both contain SLS, and no I am not happy about it, but I do have faith that the nourishing ingredients in both will offset any cellular damage. They both smell divine and for the amount of time they touch your skin I cannot imagine there being any cause for concern.

To close this little update on my life, a little rapid-fire. I am currently recovering from the extraction of my wisdom teeth, searching for a way to make cappuccinos and lattes (Nespresso? Tassimo? Semi-automatic espresso machine?) and wallowing in pity with no one to take me to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Most importantly? I am awaiting all of the food Christmas brings. Merry Christmas, reader.


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