Holiday Baking

It must be Christmastime because I cannot keep any single thought in my head long enough to think about it. Even writing this post feels laborious, not because I find it boring but that my mind seems to want me elsewhere. Where that is I have not the faintest idea, but I can imagine it to be a wonderful time when I arrive there.

For now, rather than thinking of big ideas and reading large books with many words in them, I am sitting in the dining room staring at all of the desserts my family and I have baked this week. Shortbread cookies and brown sugar shortbread triangles, carnival squares, no-bake brownies are all on the sideboard. Sometime today or perhaps tomorrow I have to tackle Nanaimo bars and chocolate mint sparkler cookies; mom will be whipping up peanut butter cookies just to be sure we have enough to eat.

In the photograph above are Brown Sugar Shortbread triangles as featured in Food52 Baking. They are a soft, firm shortbread with just a touch of warmth. We baked them in a circular cake and I dotted them with a fork in a circular pattern just before they went into the oven. You can find the original recipe in the book—which just so happens to be under the Christmas tree for my mother—though I did find a slightly edited version here.

A note on the photograph: Do you ever just hate how every photograph you take comes out? No matter the lighting, the editing (or lack thereof), the styling I can never photograph food perfectly. Or, to be clear, at a level that compares to my favourites like Mimi Thorisson or Beth Kirby. The near-night overcast days and my tedious camera do not help matters. Another reason to pray a Leica Q or Sony RX1R II is beneath the tree.

I wish you a slow, pensive holiday.


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