Inspiration No. 3

For years I have had a propensity to seek a black and white colour palette in everything I do and purchase. In the last few days of 2015 however, I developed a fascination and perhaps a desire to live in black only. Well, blacks and shades of grey to be more precise. I suppose this recent development stemmed from my family’s watching of Space network’s “Harry Potter” marathon. Oh, and I happen to be re-reading the series. If that is not a sufficient rationale I suggest you revisit the “Harry Potter” series.

These two factors have culminated—according to my self-diagnosis—in a desire for everything to be black or grey. The prognosis? Desire to decorate as inspired by 12 Grimmauld Place and Malfoy Manor, tendency to filter online shopping results by ‘black’, purging of all personal possessions that are not black. Treatment? Unnecessary.

Photographs, from top.

This film poster for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1” is haunting and brilliant. Much to my dismay I cannot ascertain its creator.

A fog-covered overgrowth.

It has always been a quandary of mine as to why the brilliant artists behind the graphic designs of pieces within the “Harry Potter” films did not work on the art design for the commercial aspects. This interview—which I read many months ago—provides a closer look at the designers behind “The Daily Prophet”, “The Quibbler”, and the many packages scattered throughout the films.

The interior of 12 Grimmauld Place, The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black.

Llangoed Hall, Wales photographed by Colin Roberts.


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