Tony Moly Rice Sheet Face Mask

What is it?

Inexpensive cotton sheet face mask drenched in essence.

What does it claim?

Natural rice extract for radiance and clearer skin. Red wine extract firms and tightens. Sodium hyaluronate hydrates and soothes.

How should I use it?

The night before an important event or twice weekly to keep skin hydrated and clear of blemishes.

The verdict:

This was my first sheet mask. As a regular user of the old fashioned ‘smear this on your face’ technique I was rather excited at the mystique that surrounds sheet masks. On that note, I will review this sheet mask as two distinct products: the cotton sheet mask and the rice extract essence.

The cotton sheet mask itself is three-ply; it is more durable and thus less likely to tear. The thicker construction also makes the mask more rigid and less likely to contour to the face. This is not a ‘set it and forget it’ affair; you will need to sit perfectly still and nanny the cotton to ensure it sits flush to the face.

Regarding the essence itself I must admit I want this bottled. It is sticky, yes, but the results were far greater than I had expected. Skin did look radiant the morning after and blemishes were certainly reduced in severity; redness was diminished. The most noteworthy thing about all of this is that the essence accomplished all of this without drying the skin. Typically those with acne-prone skin head straight to the clays, charcoals and sulphurs but this essence worked wonders.

As you may have gleamed from this review I am rather torn. The results were worthy of applause—especially when $9 buys two masks—but the journey there was fraught with awkwardness. If you are a busy, hectic person and need an excuse to sit for twenty minutes and do nothing this is your sheet mask. On occasion I suppose that is me, so when Sephora has more in stock I will pop a few in my cart.

You can find Tony Moly Rice Sheet Face Mask at Sephora for about $9.


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