Inspiration No. 4

Two things this week.

First: I had an interview for a job. I am anxious, nervous and rather terrified of whatever will result from it. Nearly thirty people interviewed for the same position, so to be quite frank…

Update: I did not get the position, which is rather disheartening.

Second: I bought a rice maker. And not just any rice maker, but the Breville Risotto Plus. Not only is it a rice maker but a steamer, slow cooker and it can sauté. Mushroom omelettes, fettuccine alfredo, perogies, steamed Alaskan pollock; I have risen above poor college student.

This week I have decided to get a grip on things. I have introduced Todoist into my routine and it has worked well in keeping order of my daily todo and grocery lists. I am going back to a lined notebook to keep track of important assignments and random bits. I have the seeds of a novel written on my laptop and roughly sketched on newsprint; a project for me. Oh, and a schedule for my blog in Google Calendar in hopes that there will finally be order.

Photographs, from top.

Dark cherries by Call Me Cupcake.

Fairmount Royal hotel suite, captured by Erica Choi.

Breakfast spread by Ninelle Mikyla.

Dress by Alexander McQueen Fall 2014.


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