Blog Milk Shop Themes

I have been a dear fan of Blog Milk Shop for a very long time, but I must say the latest collection of themes is wonderful. While they have always been a tad quirky in design, this new batch seems to me the perfect balance between ‘personality’ and ‘professional’ (with a smidge of minimal no nonsense mixed in for good measure).

Warhol was my favourite upon my first scroll through, and only after putting together the screenshot did I notice why: It looks so similar to my blog! Naturally I have been using a Blog Milk Shop theme for a good while, but I heavily customized it with custom CSS and a few edits to the HTML. I suppose we are subconsciously attracted to things, even if our conscious does not quite know why. You may call me biased, but Warhol is a beautiful theme *wink*.

Sans—Lumina is right up there with Warhol; simple and yet so professional. I quite enjoy the thin lines around the top navigation and the lack of titles on each post.

Themes are a wonderful starting point in creating an online presence. With a bit of customization—changing colours, the fonts, maybe the spacing—you can very quickly develop something unique to you.

Blog Milk Themes are available for Blogger now; WordPress versions of each theme are up for preorder.


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