Maybelline Fit Me! Set & Smooth Powder Foundation

What is it?

Inexpensive face powder with light coverage and a smooth, natural finish.

What does it claim?

Sets makeup. Breathable, sheer to light coverage with a smooth, natural finish. Oil free. Does not clog pores. Suitable for sensitive skin and all skin types.

How should I use it?

Apply on top of a BB/CC cream or liquid foundation for a bit more coverage and to make everything look less smooth and more natural. Use a brush for sheer coverage and a sponge or the included applicator for light coverage.

How are the shades?

Offered in 12 shades from 110 porcelain to 355 coconut. Ladies and gentlemen from very fair to medium complexions will likely find a match; there is nothing here for the darker folks. I am a 120 which is a light with yellow undertones. 115 is 110 but for pink undertones, 125 is 120 but for pink undertones. Most of the warmer colours are for yellow undertones except for 225 and 315.

The verdict:

As a fan of skin care with middle-of-the-road pricing, I too took those same reference points when choosing a powder foundation. For a while I had been using Pür Cosmetics 4-in-1 Pressed Powder but $31is a tad steep when I consider how unremarkable a product it is. Thus, I braved the cluttered aisles of the drugstore and found Maybelline Fit Me! Set & Smooth Powder Foundation. On the whole? I am a big fan with one tiny caveat.

I count on a powder foundation for two things: making my skin look natural and providing a hint more of coverage in spots where I have…spots. This takes care of the first with aplomb, the second less so but still satisfactory. To be rather frank with myself I should invest in concealer as powder really is not designed for such a task.

I recommend you never spend a whole lot on powder foundation. The star of your makeup show should be a quality liquid foundation of CC cream; powder just comes in at the end and steals the show.

Maybelline Fit Me! Set & Smooth Powder Foundation is available online at Ulta or at your local drugstore for about $8.


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