Bloor Street

Winter has us inside far more often than we would rather admit; it’s windy in Toronto. Not at all a light wind, but a cruel and fierce force which seemingly knows no limit.

An odd paragraph to write beneath a photograph where I am wearing nothing but a jacket and running tights, but that is how the cookie crumbles, as those young ones say. The outfit is from the new GapFit men’s athleticwear collection and I must say: I like it all a great deal. The jacket is a very light, versatile nylon which will be of great use in the wet spring. The tights are surprisingly warm to wear.

Our first stop was Boxcar Social on Yonge. Two lattes, naturally; creamy, smooth.

Sidenote: The obsession with opening a bakery/café/shop continues.

Club Monaco, with its grey-painted gallery walls, made for a handsome refuge from the cold winds of the day.

I was rather proud of myself for not buying anything; other than the latte and a late lunch, of course. Food always lives by its own rules.


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