Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser

Type of product?

A gel cleanser for normal to oily skin types that warms on contact.

What does it claim?

Artichoke Leaf Extract improves skin elasticity. Charcoal draws out excess oil and impurities. Glycolic Acid smoothes skin’s texture. Vitamin C brightens skin tone and minimizes the look of fine lines while defending against free radical damage. Skin is brightened, oil and makeup are dissolved, and pores are visually reduced.

How should I use it?

Apply to dry skin in the evening after removing makeup. Add water. Lather. Rinse. Can be used twice daily.


First things first: ‘detoxifying’ is a strong term, and no this product does not remove toxins from your skin. Does your skin have toxins? Mine does not.

This is an alright, non-miraculous cleanser. Skin is left clean, yes, but the added ingredients like vitamin C and glycolic acid seem a tad superfluous in a cleanser. This is a good cleanser, but no miracles here, folks.

The jet black colour is fun, and it has a natural scent that reminds me of Muji. The warming sensation is fun, but as for opening pores I am not so sure this brief sensation is effective.

Overall, this is a nice cleanser; and for the price, I believe it to be quite wonderful considering its formulation and how effective it is whilst still being gentle to the skin. Why has it left my skincare routine? Having had unfortunate reactions to several products, I have narrowed it down to a possible sensitivity to topical vitamin C. My mother has the same thing, and we both tend to develop blemishes and an itchiness when we use products containing it.

If you have skin on the oily side, want an effective cleanse without dryness, and are not sensitive to vitamin C, this is a great choice. It is not miraculous, and all of those added ingredients like glycolic acid and vitamin C seem a tad bit unnecessary, but nevertheless; this is a good second cleanse.

You can find Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser at Sephora for about $28 in America or the same product, but marketed at Boscia Thermal Black Cleanser, at Sephora for about $35 in Canada. Yes, the Canadian name is better.

Watch the accompanying On The Shelf video on YouTube.


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