Deciem Haul

Deciem is a Toronto-based skincare brand designed for the Jetsons. At least, that’s how I phrase it to people when they ask. They use modern ingredients in new ways to create formulations that don’t worry about the “is it natural/luxury/handmade/organic” mentality; their products just work. A huge fan of them, I bought Hylamide SubQ Eye for my mother at Christmas and she—I kid you not—looks younger. Having seen those results, I loaded my cart up with a few more products to try.

More of a visual person? See my YouTube video.

Deciem Hylamide Sensitive Fix

A serum to target skin sensitivity and visible redness, Hylamide Sensitive Fix works to both target the long-term root causes of sensitivity whilst immediately balancing the pH level of the skin to product short-term benefits.

I apply it twice daily after cleansing but before hydrating. If I use an acid, I skip Sensitive Fix as I assume the pH-balancing nature of the product would cancel-out the acid.

Often my skin will feel uncomfortable in the morning after a hot shower, and I find after applying Sensitive Fix my skin will immediately feel less tingly. I find this also reduces the redness commonly associated with blemishes. After using it for a few weeks, my skin does seem on the whole to have lost a bit of that permanent redness I tend to have along my forehead; a big win in my books.

Deciem Hylamide Photography Foundation in golden tan

A blurring next-generation liquid foundation, Hylamide Photography Foundation is formulated with silica-based prisms to create light confusion, hue correctors to create angular shadows and block unwanted tones, prismatic gold technology to give skin a healthy glow, and an oil-free bio-sugar complex to hydrate.

Billed as a liquid foundation, this product offers light coverage when bought in the golden tan or dark tan tones; transparent is also available and will blur the skin without adding any glow. I have a ‘classic ivory’ tone and this adds a bit of colour without being too much. I apply a few drops to the top of my hand, dab onto my face, and then massage the product into my skin. My skin gains a healthy glow, blemishes and pores appear reduced, and redness is mostly hidden.

A word of caution: When I say redness is mostly hidden, I am being generous. If we take a moment to consider the science of light, redness is most visible on those with ‘white’ skin as red is a wide contrast to white. Gold and red are in close proximity to one another on the spectrum. That means gold enhances the redness; it does not eliminate it, but instead makes it appear less red and more gold. Meaning? This will not eliminate redness, but instead make it appear warm. It’s like putting on bronzer instead of high-coverage foundation. If redness is a concern, you will need something to colour-correct the skin before applying Photography Foundation.

If I am using this, my ritual in the morning is: cleanse, Sensitive Fix, Photography Foundation, HA Blur. The HA Blur works best on top to give skin a nice velvet finish. This ritual provides enough hydration for the day, and my skin never feels uncomfortable. You do not need a powder. Concealer is optional, though if you have blemishes like me you will want to dab a bit of concealer on prior to applying Photography Foundation.

Deciem Hylamide HA Blur

Hyaluronic acid powder is used to blur the skin, minimize pores, hydrate, and plump the skin.

I love this product. Think of it as a hydrator + primer + transparent foundation. I can use it on its own in the morning in-place of a moisturizer, and my skin feels comfortable and appears blurred throughout the day. Or I can use it before a CC cream, or after Photography Foundation. No matter how I use this, it exceeds my expectations. An absolute must-try product.

Hand Chemistry Triple-Function Hyaluronic-Rich Hydrator

Hand creams have never seen innovation. This contains multiple molecular sizes of hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin’s surface and below the surface. Yes, hyaluronic acid in a hand cream. I kid you not. The base is formulated with liquid mango butter, Brazilian açaí and incha inchi oil.

I go through hand creams very quickly; they never seem to make any difference. This, however, is the best I have tried. Not only does it smell like lemon meringue pie, but it creates a velvet-soft glove over the skin which feels very comfortable. My skin feels hydrated throughout the day, even with one application. All I have to do now is force it into my routine, because of course nobody remembers to apply hand cream like clockwork.


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