Mercat DEL Carmen, Toronto

I both enjoy revisiting places and experiencing new ones. I suppose that is a fortunate balance to strike, and in doing so I can expand into the unknown and contract into the familiar. Mercat DEL Carmen, a recently-opened cafe/marketplace, is one such place that was a welcome destination to try.

One must begin with the floor, which is the most fantastic of tile. Green, a light beige, and a soft white are interwoven in a manner far from common in places of business today.

While it was far too medicore of a temperature the day we stopped in, the front features one of those roll-up walls which will be very pleasant in the warmer months.

Most importantly; the food. We ordered an almond tart, a croissant, a latte, and a…something. The courteous proprietor deemed the coffee shot to be a must-try, and so I did. The almond tart was served warm, drizzled in a light sauce and dusted with icing sugar; it was, without doubt, the most delicious dessert I have had. The croissant was not flakey, but instead warm, rich, and doughy; different, but nice. The coffees were deep in flavour, but served rather lukewarm. Whether that is typical, I haven’t any idea, though I personally enjoy my coffee hot. Perhaps make a point to clarify if you stop in for a hot drink.

Mercat DEL Carmen is located on Toronto’s Queen Street and is a great place to visit for a mid-day pick-me-up.

920 Queen St. West
Toronto ON
M6J 1G6


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