A Few Books For Summer Reading

I am very particular when it comes to reading; the novel has to fit the season. Unlike most people, I am always happiest in the autumn and winter months. By summer I develop mild depression, always believing that I am missing out on life whilst everyone takes a summer job by day and lounges at the beach with friends by night. I was never the type of person to enjoy a long evening anywhere but at home, and in the summer that always felt rather unacceptable. It still does, and as the temperatures warm I feel my mind become very dark and cold, insular and alone. It would be foolish to think I could simply stop this feeling from happening, so I let it be and rather than feel sorry for myself, I make do and accept this feeling will exist in the back of my mind no matter my effort.

As my current novel must always match the season and my mood, I plan my reading well in advance. I have a stack of novels at any given time from which I can pluck a new read; at Christmas I restock for the following year. I always mean to write more on the novels I read, but ’tis the way of the blogger to either not have the time nor the memory to do so. For now, here is a list of a few books either sitting in the stack or on my wish list for this summer’s reading season.

Music for Chameleons, Truman Capote

I read ‘In Cold Blood’ last summer and rather enjoyed the steely, dry writing style of Capote. ‘Music for Chameleons’ is a collection of fourteen short stories, each written so cleverly that reality gives way to the fantastical. He is one of few writers that can so seamlessly blend what is happening with what never happened.

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, Alan Bradley

Chapters – Amazon
Set in a summer of 1950, this novel features a mansion, a young Flavia de Luce, a dead bird on a doorstep, and a dying man in the cucumber patch. Flavia is delighted, and Flavia is repulsed; and such a dichotomy makes for an excellent read. I

I Was Told There’d Be Cake, Sloane Crosley

A compendium of essays by Crosley detail how every action she commits is never the right one, always the wrong, but ever the hilarious. A memoir written in the best way possible: with equal parts humility and hilarity.

Disclaimer, Renée Knight

Chapters – Amazon
Already by my bedside, ‘Disclaimer’ follows the story of Catherine. She finds a novel on her nightstand, she reads it to find it retells the story of a very horrific day and a potent secret; a secret only she, and someone dead, knew. A summer story if there ever was one.

The Widow, Fiona Barton

Chapters – Amazon
Shedding the identity of the woman she was, Jean sees no reason to hold her tongue and the lies that she told over the years to protect herself and her husband from the ramifications of a crime. But the truth may be too boring of a tale for Jean, and haven spun a lie so intricate already perhaps it is time for her to spin one even more grand.


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