STEMM Hair by Deciem

While traditional hair care deals with the hair fibre itself, STEMM places the focus on the scalp and follicle. Hair itself has never been of concern for me, but lately I have been rather interested in not necessarily the appearance, but rather its health. So goodbye to silicones—which coat the hair and mask damage—and sulfates—which both dry and damage the hair—and hello to modern ingredients like caffeine, black fulvic root, and amino acids.

I like STEMM.


The collection—sent to me by the wonderful team at Deciem—includes High-Amino Shampoo, Black Fulvic Conditioner and Density Stimuli. I have been testing out the shampoo and conditioner over the last few weeks and have rather enjoyed using this collection as a treatment. That meaning I use the pair two or three times a week, and wash with HIF (currently all being reformulated) on the off days.

Why? STEMM is a little too much of a thorough clean-and-condition for my fine, dry hair. I have seen a notable difference in the density of my hair using STEMM, do not get me wrong, but after using STEMM my hair does not feel as soft and comfortable as it does when using HIF. That makes sense; HIF is for now, STEMM is for later.

So, if you are interested in hair health, then I think STEMM is a brilliant option. Thinning hair, lack of volume, breakage: STEMM is your new love. If you are more interested in what your hair looks like now, I think HIF is a fantastic balance between nourishment and immediacy. If you are greedy (like me) and want the best of both worlds: use both.

Disclaimer: The STEMM collection was sent to me by Deciem. I am writing about it because I like it.


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