Spring Apparel

I am always into autumn apparel for springtime. As the temperatures change, my eyes are always drawn to warm, rough wools and dark, earthy tones. This winter I have bought two coats; one a dark grey, another a rich brown. My thoughts were with a camel coat this year, as they were last and the year prior, but I suppose everyone else is doing camel so why should I. Cream, dove grey, and pitch grey are all in my wheelhouse this season, but the bottom right photograph is catching my eye more than I would have had presumed. There is something about a bold yet restrained pattern that has my attention. Whatever you choose: stay warm for now, my friends.

Photographs, from top.

A gentleman in a charcoal beanie and charcoal overcoat over a white tee and black trousers. Found on Pinterest.

A gentleman in a long white knitted sweater, brown narrow trousers, and boots. Zara Studio.

A woman standing in a long off-white coat. Found on Pinterest.

A gentleman in an off-white long-sleeve, black trousers, and a bold brown-and-black printed overcoat. Zara.


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