Inspiration No.7


Photographs, from top.

Portrait of Nick Madrid. Posted on his Instagram.

Paper and sunglasses atop a carpet, pale wheat in shade. A photograph by Caroline Birk Bahrenscheer of September Edit.

Ornate, colours of depth, and texture. A photograph by beauty authority Violet Grey.

La Mer, Glossier, Ouai, Kiehl’s, and Saturday Skin. Post by Tamira Jarrel on her trip to New York City, NY for Glossier.

Inspiration No. 6


Photographs, from top.

‘Flatlands’, an art book depicting a journey through empty landscapes by Adam Jeppesen. Available at Plethora Magazine.

Samuji spring-summer 2016 collection. Photograph here.

Elisabeth photographs the new book about Ingegerd Råman for her new IKEA collection. Photograph here, collection here, book here.

An apartment, very mid-century modern, featuring light fixtures by Serge Mouille. Photograph here, light fixture here.

Inspiration No.5

A long while it has been without a bit of pretty photographs to inspire me. I have been far too busy watching ‘Downton Abbey’, sipping on cappuccino and nibbling on chocolate-coated tea biscuits patiently waiting for my life to better itself. They always say that to achieve more one must push harder, but I think that the more that you push, the less you remember what you are pushing for. We drift away from what we truly want in life at times—lose sight of what it is we want—and in that we begin fighting for something we have little interest in having. Perhaps for the time being I will allow myself to be sad, to feel empty, and to feel let down by the big things I was always told as a child would be waiting for me in the future. Perhaps for now I should just wait.

Photographs, from top.

Muted and drab, a house interior fitted with light fixtures by Flame. Read on Gardenista.

A grand location in Holmen, København, Denmark. An old brick road, dark bricks along the façade, and big white windows. Photographed by Lotta Agaton.

A cozy grey knit sweater for him. Outfit by COS for Spring 2016.

Breakfast in bed served on silver. Photograph by Marte Marie Forsberg.