This is momentous; a list that distills every skincare—and soon, colour—product available into something far more manageable. Here is an ever-changing list of the top products in the industry, scouted by me. I have tested most of these, but all have underwent the same screening process; everything here meets the following guidelines:

  • A reasonable price, transparent list of ingredients, and non-excessive yet functional packaging.
  • An accurate description of what it will accomplish.
  • Absolutely free of aggressive surfactants, excess fragrance (synthetic or natural), and excess colour.
  • Often free of essential oils. Essential oils are not the devil in sheep’s clothing; anyone can be sensitive to anything, and there are no studies pointing to an absolute conclusion one way or another.
  • Often free of inflammatory acids like salicylic and glycolic. Again, these ingredients may have their benefit for some, however they are prone to overuse which sensitizes the skin.
  • Nothing horrendously nasty according to EWG, unless the ingredient is notably safe in the concentrations used.
  • A focus on nourishing the skin and being anti-inflammatory.
  • A balance between what is from natural and what is from science, because both provide the world with wonders.

You may find a product here that was not there a week ago; you may even notice a previous pick has been removed. I will try my best to explain why, but know that it is done in every effort to streamline a large industry into a tiny, succinct list.

How it all works: Under each header are my favourites. Tapping on each photograph will open an explanation of the product, why it is a favourite, what I do not like about it, and who should give it a try. I do not generate any compensation from any product being featured here, nor am I compensated if you purchase the item by following any links from my blog. This page is designed to synthesize my blog with my thoughts, because I simply cannot update past posts every time I find a new favourite and kick out the old one. So here they are; the products that should be on your vanity.


Toner and Essence

Treatment, hydration

Treatment, discolouration

Coming soon

Treatment, acne

Coming soon

Treatment, general anti-aging

Treatment, eye



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