Recent Acquisitions – Autumn


Everyone does an ‘autumn favourites’ video, and though it may have become common I cannot hesitate to do one myself. Autumn is my season; the scent of the leaves as you walk—very briskly—along the sidewalk, the warm ceramic of a latte mug, and the feeling of nothing to do as you hide beneath the wool blanket on the sofa. Autumn is best.

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Transit, A New iPad, and Joan Rivers

Potato leek soup in a white porcelain bowl, pictured above.

When you learn to ride a bike, you never forget it and you’re fine. It’s public transit that will get you.

Daniela and I made a pilgrimage to Sherway Gardens mall again, after swearing only to do so monthly at maximum. The first trip ended in misery when we wandered the mall parking lot for twenty minutes in the summer heat looking for the right bus stop. That was after the ‘gentleman’ in Topman said I was too small for their pants, which is apparently a socially acceptable remark. Weird place, the city is.

This trip was mostly to take a break from the hectic week, and to return a pair of navy trousers which I purchased on impulse simply because they fit me. To be honest, despite how versatile a pair of navy trousers may sound, they’re the Devil’s work. Everything you pair with them will look informal compared to the trousers, it’s like a teenage dirtbag standing beside Anna Wintour. They went back, and the $65 spent went towards a little splurge…

…which happens to be the new iPad mini with Retina display I am using right now.

When Apple released the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina they said there was no difference, save for the screen size. Apple was wrong.

Using the mini is far different from a full-sized iPad; there is a deep desire to consume content. For once, I actually want to read a digital magazine. I watch videos on news websites, television episodes (Extant and Young and the Restless, I’ve missed you both since college), and films far more with the mini than I did with my iPad 2, and the reason is screen size. There is something far different about a smaller screen, a more intimate experience is possible. I feel closer to the content, and because of that I consume more.

That isn’t to say the mini is useless at creating content; I’m writing this post right now and it feels just as comfortable.

I also purchased a Smart Cover in brown leather which I adore. The slate grey and caramel brown are so lovely together, and this shade of brown has been my accessory colour of choice as of late. I will be writing a post after I have had a bit more time with the pairing, but thus far I am a massive fan.

The intent of this post was to be a wrap-up of these past few days, so I must talk about Joan Rivers.

I could not decide whether to make the subject its own post, but in doing so I would set myself up to fail. There was so much to Joan, and attempting to contain it within an editorial is like bottling the ocean; impossible. She was a vast woman, beautiful and bright. Pushing herself to do more was who Joan was, and with everything she did her mind was on one goal; to make people like her. I don’t think it was selfish, it was her carnal nature. Joan was what we made her. She wasn’t a muse, but a mirror of our own.

I will miss Joan Rivers very much.